Revealed: John Galliano has a brand new logo

Revealed: John Galliano has a brand new logo

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The John Galliano fashion house has announced a brand new look for the label – debuting a fresh new logo, and announcing some serious changes for a new future...

The fashion house of John Galliano (without its namesake founder – who is crafting a new path with Maison Margiela) is undergoing a series of changes, and debuting a brand new logo (pictured above). 

To marks its transition into a premium contemporary line, following its production pact with Italy's Modalis in March, Galliano is replacing its trademark gothic style lettering and newspaper motif with a new logo and fresh visual identity.

Atelier Franck Durand developed the new logo after being inspired by a 19th century wood engraving. The visual revamp will also include  a new store concept, packaging and an advertising campaign for spring 2016.

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The old John Galliano logo

"Now is the right moment to bid farewell to the old Gothic gazette lettering," John Galliano creative director Bill Gaytten explained, "We have a great opportunity to reimagine a look that is both timeless and of our time." 

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