John Galliano is interviewed by a psychiatrist

John Galliano is interviewed by a psychiatrist

For French newsweekly 'Le Point'

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John Galliano has given a personal interview in Paris, to French weekly title 'Le Point', where he speaks to a qualified psychiatrist about his past

Following a recent Q&A session in Moscow with Buro 24/7, former Dior designer John Galliano has opened up to renowned French psychiatrist Boris Cyrulnik for the French newsweekly Le Point. The creative mastermind, who was ejected from the fashion house for an anti-Semitic outburst, is surprisingly quiet about his new role directing Russian perfumery chain L’Etoile, as announced in our own interview, however speaks about other demons and confessed that he has, "worn many masks" during his life to gain acceptance and hide feelings of fear and suffering.

When asked if he felt he was punished too severely in the past, Galliano said, “I’ve lost, but I also gained a lot. I’m a creative person, and no one can take that away from me. I’ve been told I committed professional suicide because it was the only escape from the terrible pressures I was facing. What do you think?”

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