Hussein Chalayan to relaunch menswear line this June

Hussein Chalayan to relaunch menswear line this June

Back to basics

Image: Fab Sugar
Image: The Statement Box

British/Turkish-Cypriot designer Hussein Chalayan will soon be relaunching his menswear line, revealing 22 looks for Spring/Summer 2015

Dubbed 'Moor's Chorus', the smart yet casual capsule collection for fashion-appreciative men will be an ongoing part of the brand's various offerings, with prices that will range from $190 for a T-shirt to $816 for outerwear. 

"I missed menswear, and this had been on the cards for a long time," said the designer. "We had a really good following, especially in the worlds of art and architecture, and our customers haven't stopped asking about it. Some are still wearing their old clothes."

Today, Chalayan is coming back stronger than ever, after he ceased his menswear offer about eight years ago, at the smae time he ended a partnership with his Italian manufacturer Gibò. He then completed a one-off men's project for Yoox Group in 2007.

The designer said the new collection — which will be manufactured in Italy — is based around "iconic  and new  shapes," and features a mixture of unique textures and prints. "It's clothing I would wear. And the fit is important... We worked a lot on that," he clarified.