Hermes Haute Bijouterie

Hermes Haute Bijouterie

Breakfast preview and launch

Image: Hermès
Image: Buro 24/7

This morning Hermès launched its new jewellery collections with a private preview breakfast at the Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa in Dubai. 

The first collection of Haute Bijouterie designed by Pierre Hardy is inspired by equestrian tradition. Two great emblems of the horsing world take center stage: the whip and the hoof - "the whip that whistles through the air and winds around a lustrous neck; the hoof that beats its rhythm on the ground, recalling the celestial Pegasus". 

Take his platinum Fouet (a necklace evoking the form of a whip, pictured above), entirely set with diamonds. 

Hermes event

The Centaure Necklace

Hermes event

The Centaure Black Ring with Jade

The Centaure collection mirrors the form of the horses hoof. The Centaure ring (pictured above) in rose gold and black jade is surrounded by a crown of diamonds. 

Hermes event

Centaure Rings in Rose, White, Diamond and Black Jade

"The hand and ring make sparkling rassemblés and cabrioles in the air. Tête-à- tête, a double hoof paved with diamonds, wordplay, hands playing over the signet ring, glorious and light... Centauriferous..."

Other collections include new pieces in the Collier de chien, Chaîne d’Ancre and Kelly stories. Peruse the gallery of new pieces below. Enjoy!


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