Paris Fashion Week: Hermès Autumn/Winter 15

Paris Fashion Week: Hermès Autumn/Winter 15

Lessons in leather

Hermès presents a masterclass in leather work as Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski presents her first ever creations for the house, for the Autumn/Winter 15 season. Discover the full collection here...

The house of Hermès, more so, perhaps, than any other heritage brand, is defined by a code. A code that preserves the precise and minimalist values that keeps it's creations so timeless (in the truest sense.) Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski, who comes from a minimalist pedigree herself, demonstrates that she knows the code inside out and back to front with her Hermès design debut for the  Autumn/Winter 15 season.

"I wanted to go back to the roots of the house, which is saddle-making, and within that, it's all about expertise in leather," she explained after the show to WWD. "When you go to a house like Hermès, you have to work on leather. I really wanted to pick up the heritage, the ancestral tradition and bring them along to a contemporary woman."

And that she did. Leather work appeared all through the lineup. Soft lambskin boots and even softer trousers. Vertical stripes of suede and combination leathers, collars and saddlebag pockets on coats. 

The iconic Hermès scarf translated into a silk shirt dress in navy and white. Elsewhere poppy red ensembles of dresses and silk tops with trousers and a rich yellow cashmere tunic sweater won over a long skirt, added the brightest colour notes. Colour was used sparingly, and scarcely combined. 

Equestrian notes peppered the collection, from boots to jackets and horse-bridal metal loops appeared on belt details. This collection is Hermès through and through. And really, if it ain't broke...