Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 14: Chanel

Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 14: Chanel

Le Corbusier goes to Versailles

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Le Corbusier, a pioneer of what is now called, modern architecture, has repeatedly been a source of inspiration for creatives in all areas – including Mr.Lagerfeld, who also used the decadence of Versailles in the designs for his latest Chanel couture collection

Karl Lagerfeld is definitely not a minimalist, however when it came to this season's couture set, Chanel's creative director did manage to show some signs of simplicity.

Scaled down to just a white space, framed by graphic gilded doors, the runway opened to reveal an open fire place, with a huge mirror hanging above it, stamped with the famous house's iconic logo – providing the guests with an intimate setting, which enabled them to get a nice glimpse of all the hand-workmanship on each outfit.

Each look featured the collision of two very different worlds, the simple architecture from Le Corbusier, which was seen in the silhouettes to the opulent elements from Versailles used in the embellishments. There were jewelled flower embroideries in all shades of pink, red, black and white, as well rich gold beading applied to everything from structured white gowns and handbags to the final bridal train.  

Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 14: Chanel (фото 1)

The shapes used were modern, evocative and gentle. There was a variety of little white A-line dresses while slender tops were paired with bell-shaped skirts falling either to above the knee or ankle.

The delicate features in these looks were done with crystal edging on their hems and neck lines. There was also the use of tweed – Chanel's trademark fabric – and dark embroideries that looked like tweed. 

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Making historical references but with the future in mind, Mr.Lagerfeld had some of the models wearing cycling shorts, which peeked out beneath their skirts, with all of them wearing flat sandals tied with silk ribbon, exuding a fresh and youthful vibe throughout.

The stunning collection which consisted of detailed and heavily embellished pieces radiated luxury while still holding onto the relevance of today's contemporary lifestyle.   

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