H&M announces collaboration with Jeff Koons

H&M announces collaboration with Jeff Koons

Featuring a limited edition balloon dog bag

Image: H&M

The Swedish retail giant has a new project in the works, an exciting hook up with famous American artist, Jeff Koons

Following on from some other high profile work in New York recently, Jeff Koons is teaming up with H&M's biggest store, a 57,000-square-foot flagship on Fifth Avenue and 48th Street, which is being designed to resemble an art museum.

It will overlap with Koons' highly anticipated retrospective at the Whitney Museum of Art, from June 27.

H&M collaborates with Jeff Koons

Koons, who has sold his work for as much as $58.4 million, has also designed a handbag for the store priced at just $49.95. The limited-edition Balloon Dog handbag will be sold in select American markets, and will also be sold at the Whitney during the retrospective. 

"It's one of our most important openings of the year," said a store spokeswoman. "This is the first time H&M has partnered with an artist and sponsored a museum show in the U.S."