Guess wins Gucci trademark infringement court battle

Guess wins Gucci trademark infringement court battle

The Italian fashion house loses its logo lawsuit

After years of battling with Guess, Gucci has now lost its latest trademark infringement case against the American fashion label – although the Italian brand asserts that it will "certainly and immediately bring an appeal against the decision."

On Friday, after a six year logo-based battle – which has already been fought in Italian and American courts – the Gucci and Guess infringement case came to a close in Paris.

The court ruled that no trademark violation, no counterfeiting and no unfair competition had occurred on Guess' side, as Gucci had requested €55 million in damages from the US-based company for perceived breaches of its repeating and iconic GG pattern, Gucci script logo and red-and-green stripe.

"For six years now, Gucci has filed case after case against Guess and lost time after time," Paul Marciano, Guess co-founder and CEO, told a source. "On top of that, Gucci has lost some trademarks in the Italian case and now some in France as well. I continue to believe strongly that all these legal battles are a complete waste of time and this energy and money should be focused on business. Obviously, François-Henri Pinault (Gucci-owner Kering's CEO) doesn't see it that way."



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