Rebel Heart: Gucci, Scott and Wang design Madonna's tour costumes

Rebel Heart: Gucci, Scott and Wang design Madonna's tour costumes

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As Madonna prepares to take on the world with her ‘Rebel Heart’ tour, Alexander Wang, Gucci’s Alessandro Michele and Jeremy Scott work up designs for her costumes to make sure she does it in style. Discover some of the looks here…

As the original queen of pop prepares to embark on her world for her Rebel Heart album, details of her costume design team are emerging. With the oscar nominated costume designer – Arianne Phillips – at the helm, a stream of leading designers have been enlisted to create individual looks for the tour including Gucci's Alessandro Michele, Alexander Wang and Jeremy Scott. Well, it is Madonna we are talking about after all. 

"She opened the door for all the pop girls out there today, many of whom I dress and who do respect her and give her props. We all owe her a debt of gratitude." says Scott of the now common culture of designer and pop-star collaborations. 

Plus, haven't you heard her latest single? "She's Madonna!" says Alexander Wang. "It goes without explanation, she's iconic." Michele adds simply: "I am crazy about her." as the designers sing a chorus of adoration for the fierce performer who has always been a pioneer in avant guard fashion, just think of that coned Vogue bra.

"[Madonna] doesn't really finalise any of the designs until 100 percent of the choreography is set," shares Phillips "It's a real back-and-forth conversation and it's a brutal process for most fashion designers. You're hanging in the balance while all the practical aspects are worked out, like the choreography and the quick-changes."

But this doesn't phase Phillips who counts this tour as her number five project with Madonna, each collection getting more and more expansive and extreme. This tour, for example, has 28 performers; an average of 10 costume changes for 20 dancers, six for the background singers, four for the band and Madonna's own eight full looks. It's all just part of the job for her. It always comes down to the eleventh hour and she knows that no matter what, the show must go on.

Discover some of the proposed costumes for Madonna's tour via our gallery below...