Google produces first Fashion Trends Report – says 'normcore' is out

Google produces first Fashion Trends Report – says 'normcore' is out

Skinny jeans on the decline

Not all fashion trends are reported in top fashion titles – Google has released its first ever Fashion Trends Report based on fashion search rises and falls. Find out what we can expect to see dominating wardrobes this season according Google...

Google released its first-ever Fashion Trends Report today, and instead of looking to the runway the company analysed billions of clothing and fashion-related Google searches to determine the most popular trends for the new season.

Unsurprisingly its the fast fashion-type trends that dominate most people's daily wear wardrobes with the likes of;  jogger pants, palazzo pants, tulle skirts, midi skirts, and even waist trainers, like those seen on both Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, were at the top of the trends chart over all for the past few years. 

Seasonally Google broke down the most popular styles for spring citing the top styles this season to include: white lace dresses, high-waisted bikinis, shift dresses, and white jumpsuits. Some of the more niche trends that are set to rise include emoji shirts and high-neck bikini tops, but these are expected to be flash-in-the-pan trends that face out just as sharply as they shot in. 

Google's report also details the trends that are in, citing the unisex 'normcore' fashion look as one of the trends that is on the way out. Other items we can expect to see less of include: skinny jeans, one-shoulder dresses, peplum dresses, vintage clothing, and string bikinis.

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