Giorgio Armani to unveil new women's line

Giorgio Armani to unveil new women's line

'New Normal'

Earlier this week at a press conference, it was announced that Giorgio Armani is planning to launch a new women’s line that will hit stores in June...

Giorgio Armani revealed his plan to launch a new women's line called 'New Normal' at a press conference for his main collection, which took place on Monday. The Italian born designer had this to say about the impending line: "It will show how I think today's women should dress, the idea is to start from classic designs to create a new classic. It's a collection meant to last, which will be renewed as we go but will remain rooted in the classic style."

Armani's ambitions with the new collection are to emphasise an idea that it is necessary for fashion to be appropriate to real life and not just a result of an overthought imagination: "My goal is always to create a kind of fashion that you can renovate without completely changing it. It's just about small details."

In addition, the newly appointed 2015 Expo Milan ambassador took the opportunity to criticise the way journalists focus solely on attention-seeking headlines rather than the hardwork that goes into creating a collection: "Behind this, there is work, which very few do" said the 80-year-old designer whilst pointing to the backstage referring to what takes place behind the scenes.