Giorgio Armani discusses his company's future

Giorgio Armani discusses his company's future

The 80-year-old plans for change

Giorgio Armani has been discussing what the possibilities could be for his brand following his potential retirement in the near future

Following on from Giorgio Armani's recent Emporio Armani SS15 show, the designer shared some insightful quotes into the future of his company.

The 80-year-old spoke about Giorgio Armani Corp. being a potential acquisition target, "my name always pops up but it's because my situation is curious and unique. I myself am curious." He then continued by discussing the idea of succession, saying, "I don't have a clear idea. It's flattering, but in the end this is a small family and there is a group of people that are like family. The company is a family one."

"I don't know if there will be a corresponding [situation after me]. The company needs a 'libero' [the Italian word that in soccer defines a player that can manage different roles], not a fund. I can make mistakes, but when I say no, it's no and when I say yes, it's yes."

In July, it was announced that Armani was set to create a new exhibition centre on the doorstep of his brand's headquarters on Milan's Via Bergognone. "Milan is the city where I decided to live and work, and which has been a tough, loyal teacher to me," shared Armani, concluding, "It taught me that you don't obtain anything by chance, but that you reach the most difficult goals with daily involvement, that discretion is a virtue, which doesn't exclude warmth and a sense of welcome, that what we think here [in Milan] today, tomorrow will be in the mind of the entire nation."


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