Giorgio Armani is releasing an autobiography

Giorgio Armani is releasing an autobiography

In celebration of his brand’s big 4-0

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“I’m a man who gets things done, not one who just talks about them — a man of action, not of celebration or, worse still, self-celebration.” – Giorgio Armani

To celebrate his luxury fashion empire's big 4-0, Giorgio Armani is releasing an autobiography published by Rizzoli. Simply titled Giorgio Armani, the book will be released at a special event on September 28 after the designer's Milan Fashion Week show for Spring/Summer 16 and will be available for purchase the next day, September 29.

"I'm focused and controlled, but behind the iciness is a hot-blooded and sensitive personality. I have learned to protect myself, otherwise the world might have taken advantage of me," the designer writes. "I'm introverted and reserved: I have always preferred my studio to parties and social events and, even today, I'm still the first to arrive at work in the morning and the last one to leave at night. I have found a way to not be overwhelmed by the indispensable performative side of my work: I have surrounded myself with a sort of mystique that some may interpret as being aloof, others as a role, others still as a form of shyness. And the latter is the interpretation I like best."

There are two versions  available, a regular priced at $150 and a deluxe limited-edition priced at $350. 

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