First look: Mary Katratzou Cruise 2014/15

First look: Mary Katratzou Cruise 2014/15

Alphabetical attire

Image: Mary Katratzou

Mary Katrantzou has decided to take a step away from her signature digital prints from seasons gone by... Instead exploring the world of lace and embroidery

Following on from her celebrated Autumn/Winter 14 collection, in which the London-based designer forgoed her signature prints for patterns made from lace, embroidery and embellishment, Mary Katrantzou took the same approach this season.

Specifically inspired by the alphabet, this Cruise 2014/15 collection presents embellishment to look like letters worked into patterns along with nature-led motifs – whales, rabbits and leaves.

There were also a few more understated designs, such as a white shell top and pink shorts, plus something entirely new for the label; a collection of chunky acrylic clutch bags, presented in the letters of her name.

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