First look: Jonathan Saunders Cruise 2014/15

First look: Jonathan Saunders Cruise 2014/15

Graphic and offbeat

Image: Jonathan Saunders

Designer Jonathan Saunders looked to the bold creations of Ettore Sottsass, one of the founders of the Memphis design movement, for Cruise 2014/15 inspiration

Fresh from his menswear show in London, the influence of Ettore Sottass came through in the Jonathan Saunders' Cruise 2014/15 collection for the girls as relatively graphic, and often with exaggerated silhouettes, especially when it came to an oversized, heavy-knit striped sweater with rounded shoulders paired with a pencil skirt, made to evoke the "look of interiors" as stated by the designer.

A double-breasted jacket and structured silk mini-dress are seen in a pretty sky-blue jacquard, not dissimilar to upholstery, and a black dress seems to have the addition of a smattering of blue and yellow paint...

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