First look: Ellery Cruise 2014/15

First look: Ellery Cruise 2014/15

Skimming the surface

Image: Ellery

Australian-based designer Kym Ellery unveils her latest collection inspired by swimming pools and David Hockney

With monochromatic prints influenced by David Hockney's iconic brush strokes and suburban swimming pool scenery, the new Ellery Cruise 2014/15 collection combines unique silhouettes and minimalistic graphics.

Ellery's artistic inspiration is translated onto an array of dresses and skirts. Blouses featured bell sleeves, while skirts had pointed hems and dresses had elegant v-neck cuts away from the body.

With its wearable and luxurious appeal, rich materials such as white crepe and blue denim were also used to create flared and cropped pants with asymmetrical tank tops. 


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