First look: Christopher Kane Cruise 2014/15

First look: Christopher Kane Cruise 2014/15

The Scottish designer revisits the past

This week, unveiling his Cruise 14/15 collection, Christopher Kane looked back at his time in design school for inspiration…

Leaning on his lace and neon creations he designed for his Central Saint Martins M.A graduate show in 2006, Christopher Kane's new Cruise collection transformed those same hues onto clean, more relaxed silhouettes.

The vibrant line-up consisted of looks from black fitted skirts with neon-pink netting coming out the seams and loose T-shirt dresses to a pleated, knee-length skirt and cardigan duo in neon-yellow chiffon.

Kane's use of creative fabrics stood out the most as he custom-designed his own fabric, which he dubbed 'Decades'. It featured drawings of flowers – hand drawn by Kane – from different eras, such as intricate Art Nouveau, Art Deco and cartoonish Sixties floral, combined with neon lace...providing just the right amount of classic feminitity and modern mutation. 

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