First look: Bottega Venetta Cruise 2015/16

First look: Bottega Venetta Cruise 2015/16

"A desire for colour"

Take a first look at the Bottega Veneta Cruise 2015/16 collection by Tomas Maier. Discover the colourful fun lineup of 'everyday' peieces in the gallery here...

Bottega Veneta presented the Cruise 2015/16 collection by Tomas Maier, who sees Cruise as a more liberated and accessible collection "about clothes we would all wear every day," rather than the pick and choose investment pieces of the runway collections. And with an 'every day' approach he centred the designs around the practical concept: "Then there is the question of what a woman would need at that time of year."

With the functionality taken care of, then came "a desire for colour," prompting the designer to choose uplifting shades of pink, red, orange and blue, which inject irrepressible life into the lineup. Fabrics are light and wearable giving a sense of ease, which was also expressed through the many masculine lines seen on bomber jackets and unstructured blazers. 

The silhouettes evoke a sporty ease that still enjoys a certain elegance with Japanese fleece sweatshirts, track jackets and tailored pencil skirts. There was some fun with shearling, in particular a candy pink coat. The relaxed element of the collection was further set off by the pairing with exclusively flat sneakers and sandals.