Fendi collaborates with The Coveteur and Elizabeth Stewart

Fendi collaborates with The Coveteur and Elizabeth Stewart

Dream team

Image: The Coveteur

Historical fashion house Fendi has teamed up with stylist Elizabeth Stewart to share her personal items to the world – via 'The Coveteur' blog

Having profiled Elizabeth Stewart's private collection of covetable wardrobe items, The Coveteur blog has teamed up with the LA-based stylist and Fendi in an exclusive collaboration to showcase her personally owned items by the brand.

"In the past, luxury brands have been reluctant to experiment with it [content marketing] in fear of losing control of the message, so it's great to see Fendi being open to this integrated approach," commented Yuli Ziv, founder and CEO of Style Coalition, New York, talking about the project, "This allows the brand to talk to the audience of luxury aficionados through the influential voice of The Coveteur, versus a top down message of traditional advertising."

Fendi teams up with The Coveteur

According to the blog itself, "In addition to giving readers a voyeuristic look inside untapped territory (think: closets, homes, backstage, ateliers and archives), The Coveteur works closely with the world's most notable brands to tell their story in a unique, compelling way. "

All in all, the initiative is can only be positive in making the historical Fendi label more relatable to its nowadays quite modern audience. Additionally, it's a great way to see pieces from the collection styled by someone that authentically loves and believes in the brand.

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