Fendi unveil its new impressive Roman headquarters

Fendi unveil its new impressive Roman headquarters

As it prepares to celebrate its 90th anniversary

Fendi retains its truly Italian roots as it takes over a celebrated but underused iconic building in Rome for its new Headquarters. Unifying the Fendi force under one roof as the house prepares to celebrate 90 years of design tradition...

As it prepares to celebrate its 90th anniversary, Fendi unveils its impressive new headquarters within Rome's much celebrated, Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana. 

Pietro Beccari, CEO of Fendi, had been looking for the perfect building to bring all of the Fendi family under one roof; "It was my dream to reunite all employees under the same roof, but the square footage available around town remained a problem." Until he came across the 75-year-old building, that had never been occupied. The building features six stories of symmetrical arches and has earned itself the nickname 'the square colosseum' and was not only large enough to house Fendi's 450 strong team, "but this is very Fendi" adds Beccari. 

"It all fits with Fendi and is an inspiration for the brand. The building was created to honor Italian excellence and Fendi is entirely made in Italy." he continued. 

Beccari also pointed to Fendi designer Karl Lagerfeld's artistic rapport with the symbolic structure. "Karl made changes to his last collection after first working at the palazzo, whose arches ringed the runway theater for spring 2015 and also inspired his fall advertising campaign. He likes it here and he has said that this is a spaceship that projects into the future. You can quote him, this is what he said."

The Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, designed in 1937 by architects Giovanni Guerrini, Ernesto Bruno La Padula and Mario Romano, was inaugurated in 1940 but remained unoccupied until Fendi stepped up. The striking 2015,200-square-foot tower affords stunning views of the city and once renovations are complete at the end of this year, it will be a unifying HQ for Fendi's staff who are currently spread across two different buildings in Rome, which are a 30 minute drive apart. 

The archives and fur atelier will be located on the lower floor, while below that on the ground level a 10,800-square-foot exhibition space will exhibit art, history and design installations open to the public, as well as a café and bookshop, inspiring all who enter. The centre of the building is expanded by an open-air cubic space which soars 157 feet high, which Fendi is bridging with a futuristic steel and glass structure.

"We are creating synergies and cutting back on a number of different rents throughout the city," noted Beccari, who declined to reveal the cost of the renovations but revealed that the annual rent for the building will be €2.6 million. "Let's say we did a good job with a reasonable amount," he said through a smile.