Fendi launches myBaguette app

Fendi launches myBaguette app

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Image: Fendi

The Italian fashion house has released their free Fendi myBaguette app, which allows users to customise their baguette bags to their heart's content

To celebrate 15 years of the iconic baguette bag, Fendi has released a new app today - designed to allow customers to have fun and create their own unique baguette styles at the touch of a button. 

"The Baguette was created when I was asked to design an especially easy and functional handbag. The end result needed to be modern, a sign of the times, technological and minimal," Silvia Venturini Fendi has said.  "However, my response was to do the exact opposite- something deceptively small yet simple. The Baguette has been an unprecedented success, re-created in over one thousand variations since its creation. Its clean shape can be treated with any kind of material and workmanship, so everyone can find the Baguette they feel is their very own." 

Via the new Fendi myBaguette app, coveters of the Baguette handbag will now be able to do just that - make it their own.

The app allows clients to make use of brushes, a colour mixer, an alpha slider and other tools to help make sure the baguette reflects the user's own personal style and tasteThe user can also upload their own photo and experiment with the image via an assortment of filters.

Over the years, the baguette bag has been a source of inspiration for many artists, and in turn, Fendi has created an art gallery on the myBaguette app.

Fendi launches myBaguette app (фото 1)

Fendi launches myBaguette app (фото 2)

Fendi launches myBaguette app (фото 3)

Fendi launches myBaguette app (фото 4)

The Fendi myBaguette app is available to download in the app store now. 

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