Exclusive: Alessandro Michelle talks the Gucci Fall/Winter '16 show

Exclusive: Alessandro Michelle talks the Gucci Fall/Winter '16 show

Rhizomatic Scores

Text: Shannon Wylie

Image: IMAXtree

Day one of Milan Fashion Week and Alessandro Michele has presented a must-see Gucci collection. Buro 24/7 Middle East spoke with the Creative Director exclusively...

There was a beginning and an end, but inbetween decontextualised, dynamic yet directional references, which is precisely how Alessandro Michele conjured up the Gucci Fall/Winter '16 collection. Aptly titled Rhizomatic Scores, the 70-piece strong show was a nod to the theory that culture — fashion, music and art in particular — can diversify to create a percieved "beauty".

Backstage Alessandro Michele discussed the collection exclusively with Buro 24/7 Middle East saying, "I'm big on beauty. It's my obsession. I always try and mix together a different kind of attitude. It's my language." He also discussed the collaboration with Trevor Andrew, aka Gucci Ghost. "It was really nice to work with Trevor because I love street style. I love also haute couture and that kind of language, so I always try and mix together a different kind of attitude."

Presented to the sound of Daniele Spano, Gucci-clad men and women, complete with hair by Paul Hanlon and makeup by Pat McGrath, walked the linear runway, which was sectioned off from the front row by a thin tulle veil. The bright Gucci palette of intricately sequined styles, print sets and knitted numbers were juxtaposed with dark and stormy colours. Off set to bursts of thunderous light, the collection came to a close with Michele walking and waving his way down the runway. Later he said: "It's our era".

Discover the Gucci women's Fall/Winter '16 era, Rhizomatic Scores with Buro 24/7 Middle East...

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