Raf Simons presents Dior Pre-Fall 2015 to 1,400 guests in Tokyo

Raf Simons presents Dior Pre-Fall 2015 to 1,400 guests in Tokyo

Esprit Dior Tokyo

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At 3pm UAE time (8pm Japan time) Raf Simons presented his Pre-Fall 2015 collection ‘Esprit Dior Tokyo’ at Tokyo’s Sumo Stadium today...

The house of Christian Dior first presented a couture show in Japan in 1953, and since this date the brand has continuously look to the country for inspiration. Fast-forward over five decades and Dior finds itself in a new digital era, with a new creative director and a renewed focus on Japan...

'Esprit Dior Tokyo' marks Raf Simons first Pre-Fall show for the house, and indeed, the brand's first Pre-Fall show altogether. The 46-year-old Belgian creative director draw his inspiration from the architectural lines of traditional dress and Tokyo's renowned, adventurous street style - but it was, by no means obvious, there wasn't a kimono in sight (clearly Simons got that out of his system for AW13 Haute Couture.)

Raf Simons presents Dior Pre-Fall 2015 in Tokyo

In an exclusive interview with the Financial Times, Simons explained that the reason for selecting Tokyo as the Pre-Fall showcase platform was because: "There is an audience, and appetite, for fashion in Japan like no other. It goes beyond the history of the house-although there are close links to Japan [Dior dressed royalty]. It's something you are so aware of and grateful for as a designer. The Japanese buyers and consumers take risks and, as a menswear designer with my own label, I pretty much owe my career to them. I think Mr Dior had the foresight to see fashion as a global industry, to see it as the thing it is today. The Japanese audience is an essential part of that and so it seemed only natural to stage a show in Tokyo-particularly as I wanted to push the collection further."

The futuristic collection – which walked the unique runway to the soundtrack of Blade Runner – presented a heavy focus on outerwear, complete with glittering sequin turtlenecks unabashedly poking through. Simons explained that he "wanted to bring together the extremes; to look at the glamorous, the practical and the architectural in clothing. I wanted to focus on the attitude and structure of the clothing."

The show was presented inside Tokyo's Sumo Stadium, which was transformed to showcase the new Pre-Fall 2015 Dior lineup complete with a steel installation that was suspended low – just inches from skimming the model's Princess Leia-esque plaited manes, and a backdrop that brought to mind a futuristic galaxy. The UK's Telegraph have already highlighted today's event as an example of "proof that the shows still matter."

Indeed, the show's guests – all 1400 of them – are likely to agree, and each were given a beautiful Dior origami crane bird and a note that read: "In Japanese culture, the crane is a symbol of longevity. It's even said that it can live for a thousand years! The house of Dior is pleased to offer you this bird in origami form, a good-luck token you can take with you everywhere."

Meanwhile, Dior's president and CEO Sidney Toledano was quoted as saying: "Don't believe everything you read about the Japanese economy," Adding: "They may be worried about the government's debt but they have a lot of savings personally, and they appreciate quality. Dior is doing extremely well in Japan."

Well, we have no doubt that today's spectacular fashion stadium event has further cemented that...

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