Haute Couture Spring/Summer 14: Elie Saab

Haute Couture Spring/Summer 14: Elie Saab

Consistent beauty

Image: Elie Saab

Lebanese designer Elie Saab presents at Haute Couture week in Paris, offering up a stunning array of iconic gowns

Elie Saab maybe reworking the same dress in different colours and with slightly modified finishes in his latest collection for Haute Couture but rather than being a negative, this only adds to Saab's consistency at creating red carpet stunners season after season. 

Year after year, and season after season, the Lebanese talent dresses Hollywood icons, A list newcomers, and models with the same attention to detail and brilliant craftsmanship in each design. Sure no one is going to expect something crazy, revolutionary or groundbreaking from Elie - but something tells us that's just how he likes it - classic elegance and beauty. All the way.

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