Diane von Furstenberg to launch footwear collection

Diane von Furstenberg to launch footwear collection

A new deal with Brown Shoe Co

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Iconic designer Diane von Furstenberg has announced a new licensing agreement with Brown Shoe Co – which will see her launch a women’s footwear collection slated for the Cruise 2016 season...

"I love my legs, but I count on my feet. Nothing is more important than shoes for the confident, sexy woman on-the-go" Diane von Furstenberg (DvF) explained, revealing that she will launch a new shoe collection for Cruise 2016. 

The 68-year-old creator of the iconic wrap dress unveiled a new licensing agreement with Brown Shoe Co, which will see DvF launch a women's footwear collection later this year.

This isn't the first time that the American designer has signed a footwear deal, she previously collaborated with Schwartz & Benjamin.

Speaking of the new agreement with Brown Shoe Co. DvF noted: “I’m very excited. This time I’m really putting my feet there. I’m really serious about it." As with all of her creations, von Furstenberg wants her new footwear lineup to answer every woman's needs: "When you wake up in the morning, strangely enough, you think of where you’re going, and before you even think of what you’re wearing, you think of your shoes,” she said. “If you have to walk, you will wear one type of shoe, if you’re making a presentation and want to look elegant, it’s another kind of a shoe. It’s really from a real woman’s point of view. It’s about beautiful legs, but you have to be able to be comfortable. It’s very woman-solution driven.” 

The new shoes will be manufactured in Italy and China and price ranges will go from $150 for sandals to $595 for boots and feature casual and more dressy options including a 'Power Shoe'. "I understand shoes," said von Furstenberg. "Christian Louboutin used to sell his shoes on my kitchen table on 12th Street." 

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