Paris Fashion Week: Dries Van Noten Autumn/Winter 15

Paris Fashion Week: Dries Van Noten Autumn/Winter 15

"Anything goes"

Dries Van Noten shoots for "grounded glamour' in his Autumn/Winter 15 ready-to-wear lineup. This is a collection that is as relaxed as it is flamboyant and Van Noten has effortlessly found the balanced middle-ground...

"Anything goes," proclaimed Van Noten backstage at his Paris Fashion Week presentation of the Autumn/Winter 15 ready-to-wear collection, and he wasn't wrong. As the new season's lineup poured down the catwalk giving us a glimpse of a combined chic and artisanal aesthetic, we could see his point. 

Rich brocade fabrics made up slouch-wide-leg pants, coats and dresses, infusing an element of decadence that was off-set by the slouch cargo pants that really did go with anything. A classic navy trench coat received sequin embellishments on the shoulders and at once was – "couture and the casual" – the sort of catchphrase for the collection. 

Shearling jackets, scarves and touches afforded an air of nonchalance, which sat well with the grandeur of some of the more decorated fabrics. The key was in the layering of these effects, resulting in: "grounded glamour." Anything really did go with anything. 

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