First look: Donna Karan Cruise 2016

First look: Donna Karan Cruise 2016

East meets west

Donna Karan presents her east-meets-west Cruise 2016 collection, with a lineup of classically simple designs that ooze ease and sophistication. Discover the collection in full here...

Donna Karan's Cruise 2016 collection exhibits all of the signature codes of what makes Donna Karan great: "I wanted to show the purity, the simplicity," she said before the show. "It's very cleansing. It's almost like a little bit of a new beginning." The show's guide was titled 'East Meets West, Black Meets White,' and outlined the new "serene 7 easy pieces," that were every bit as pure and simple as Karan had described. 

The eastern infusion shone through a modern kimono and a Chinese landlord inspired cropped jacket, whilst culottes in varying lengths seemed to straddle both dimensions. The palette was simple and clean, seeing black and ivory provide the calming anchor for the lineup with a moment of rosy pink on a silky gown, and a brighter pink hue on another pop from this backdrop. Textures of ruffles, florals and feathers brought a new dimension of life to the collection.

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