Dolce & Gabbana found innocent by Italian Supreme Court of Justice

Dolce & Gabbana found innocent by Italian Supreme Court of Justice

Not guilty

Today Italy's highest court has found Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce not guilty of tax evasion – and in doing so has overturned two previous guilty sentences at lower courts

The case went on for three long hours behind closed doors, with a five-member jury headed by president Alfredo Teresi. Other defendants in the case, including general director Cristiana Ruella, finance director Giuseppe Minoni and accountant Luciano Patelli, were found not guilty. 

"I am very satisfied," said the designers lawyer Massimo Dinoia after the verdict. "We have been saying that they were innocent for the past seven years. Nobody can take back the negative publicity they received over these seven years, but we knew we were in the right all along." 

An official statement from the designers reads: "We have always been honest and we are extremely proud of this recognition by the Italian Court of Justice. Viva l'Italia!"

Only one defendant that could go to trial at the appeals court is Alfonso dolce - brother of Domenico - who is the legal representative of the company, as his paperwork is being sent back to the appeals court in Milan, WWD reported. 



It is finished, the Supreme Court acquitted the Dolce and Gabbana (photo 1)

Dolce and Gabbana's official statement