Musée Christian Dior to launch 'The New Look Revolution' exhibition next month

Musée Christian Dior to launch 'The New Look Revolution' exhibition next month

With accompanying book

In celebration of the revolutionary effect that Monsieur Dior's debut couture collection had on the fashion world, Musée Christian Dior will launch 'The New Look Revolution' exhibition next month, together with a book of the same name. Learn more...

The Musée Christian Dior, in Granville Normandy is paying homage to the indelible footprint that Christian Dior has left on the fashion landscape, with a new exhibition titled – Dior the New Look Revolution. The exhibition is accompanied by a book of the same name, published by Rizzoli, which will be released in tandem with the June 6 opening of the exhibition. 

Both the book and the exhibition retrace the story of the iconic bar suit, the design that became the manifesto of Christian Dior's first collection, and silhouette that would revolutionise the fashion world. February 12 1947 was the fateful day that Monsieur Dior presented his debut couture collection and this iconic white jacket with fluted hips and black skirt became a blueprint that would bring about a 'new look,' and women's fashion would never be the same again.  

Fashion historian Florence Muller has curated the exhibition in three parts; The bar suit, a revolution, which looks at the iconic creation that started it all; Savoir-faire, line and construction, which explores the theme of the Dior created silhouette and finally, The spirit of a style, looking at the influence this early identity has had on the body of the house's designs ever since. Florence Muller also curated the book, which was written by Laurence Benaim.


Dior The New Look Revolution Exhibition and Book

Dior the New Look Revolution will be on display at Musée Christian Dior in Granville, France from June 6 - November 1.