New York Fashion Week: Derek Lam Spring/Summer 16

New York Fashion Week: Derek Lam Spring/Summer 16

'What Happened, Miss Simone?'

Image: Getty Images

Nina Simone made an impression on Derek Lam this season as he looks to the soul singer for his inspiration for the newly unveiled Spring/Summer 16 collection. See the lineup in full here…

The Spring/Summer 16 collection from Derek Lam made its impression, less for delivering a specific fashion messages, or a dizzying "wow" moment, but more for an authenticity and an ability to capture the nuances of a range of feeling. When you consider that Lam's muse was the one and only Nina Simone, it all makes sense. After watching the recent – What Happened, Miss Simone? – documentary, he was captivated by her "deep soul and independent beauty," and without scepticism, that is not a bad description of this collection. 

The intentionally eclectic lineup dances from one feeling to the next, silhouettes exuded an unhurried nonchalance, fluid cuts, relaxed, with bell sleeves. Tie-up details were left intentionally undone and refined fringe accents draped with a confident ease. 

A selection of deeply feminine trench coats felt a touch glamorous. One in camel suede and one in the same shade but in gaberdine with a divine fluted skirt bottom. Footwear was equally varied but still retained a common thread. Low or flat leather boots, or pointed lace up sandals and sneakers finished off the looks. Discover the collection in detail via our gallery below...