Selfridges unveils its new De Beers pop-up shop

Selfridges unveils its new De Beers pop-up shop

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Image: WWD

This weekend, De Beers Diamond Jewellers opened a pop-up boutique inside Selfridges’ Wonder Room in London

The new 360-square-foot De Beers boutique on Selfridges' ground floor will remain open until the end of the year, and aims to spotlight both the jewellery house's classic and chic designs and new creations such as the Aria collection.

Amongst the glistening diamonds and unique motifs, the Selfridges space will also allow visitors to view De Beers' Iris technology, which showcases the intricate details of the house's diamonds.

Jennier Farmer, global brand director at De Beers, said that the Wonder Room location "is a great fit for the brand - both in terms of the combination of local and international clients as well the beautiful environment to showcase our unique diamond jewelry."