David Beckham rumoured to be announcing menswear line

David Beckham rumoured to be announcing menswear line

A deal said to be imminent with the Global Brands Group

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David Beckham is the subject of rumours surrounding an imminent menswear line launch with the Global Brands Group today

According to reports, Beckham could be about to announce a casual menswear sportswear line with the Global Brands Group later today. The rumours surfaced after an invitation to a press conference in Hong Kong from Global Brands vice chairman and CEO Bruce Rockowitz revealed that the company “will be joined by a special guest.”

Inside sources believe that said "special guest" could be David Beckham, who is said to have been involved in ongoing talks with the Global Brands Group to launch a menswear line since April

The plot thickened when Simon Fuller, CEO XIX Entertainment in London, who formed a venture partnership with Beckham and acts as his adviser, was travelling to Asia on Tuesday, according to his out-of-office message, and couldn't be reached for comment as reported by WWD

The iconic retired footballer is no stranger to fashion, not only is he married to Victoria Beckham – who has impressed and cemented her status as a designer over recent years – the 39-year-old father of four has previously debuted collaborations with H&M, Adidas and a fragrance with Coty Inc. 

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