The Clintons raise awareness for elephants with a NYFW statue

The Clintons raise awareness for elephants with a NYFW statue

There's a pink elephant in the room

As New York Fashion Week takes place, with the fashion world heading to Milk Studios in West Chelsea to see one of Made Fashion Week’s 15 runway shows, they will be greeted by an unusual guest – a giant pink elephant

Designed to bring awareness to the mass killing of African elephants and the illegal ivory trade, the pink inflatable statue stands 10-feet-tall and was designed by Tristin Lowe  and will be helping the cause started by Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

In collaboration with Made Fashion Week, the giant elephant statue will stand tall this week at Milk Studios in Manhattan, as 15,000 people are expected to pass through during New York Fashion Week. With the help of Diane von Furstenberg and Oscar de la Renta, Chelsea Clinton decided to target Fashion Week as one the quickest ways to spread the word across the world, particularly through social media.

Ali Rubin, the deputy chief of staff for Chelsea, said, "Let's say Karlie Kloss is going to Made and posts about the installation and the crisis, then her 1 million Instagram followers see it's an issue. We know that the people who follow her, for example, are likely the same people who are purchasing high-end goods-including, at times, ivory." The new initiative will also see support from accessory designers, with unique jewellery lines made for the cause by Suno, Pamela Love and Prize Pins. 


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