Channel 4 brings back Liberty London documentary

Channel 4 brings back Liberty London documentary

Following on from a successful first season

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Last year, a Channel 4 documentary that followed the ins-and-outs of iconic London store, Liberty, gained an average of 2.2 million viewers a week, while its footfall increased by 38% – and it's back in business for a second season

A store famed for its signature prints and seemingly endless collaboration projects, Liberty London's documentary for Channel 4 is back this year, and begins filming during New York Fashion Week in September.

The Managing Director of the store – Ed Burstell – will have a film crew following him around the shows, for season two of the series which will also be longer than the first — four parts, rather than three, and aired in November/December, tracking the run-up to the Christmas season — including the building of the windows, the history of the store and the fabric business, the launch of the Liberty London's own label accessories business, as well as Burstell’s New York fashion adventures. “It’s still nerve-wracking, but it feels slightly more natural this time,” said Burstell.

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