Chanel is suing 'What About Yves' t-shirt makers

Chanel is suing 'What About Yves' t-shirt makers

Brand logo busting

Jeanine Heller, the founder of humorous streetwear brand What About Yves has been served with a trademark infringement suit by Chanel

A T-shirt and sweatshirt depicting Chanel's famous interlocking double C logo the cartoon Ghostbusters sign has generated so much offence that a lawsuit by the brand asserts that Jeanine Heller's company What About Yves (made famous for its 'Ain't Laurent without Yves' merchandise) because it is: "Displaying, offering for sale, and selling on her website, and selling to third-party retailers, a T-shirt and a sweatshirt bearing Chanel's CC monogram mark with an image of an animated ghost commonly associated with the motion picture Ghostbusters." 

The company says that, far from "transforming the mark", which is a standard defence for parody products, Heller is using the "clearly recognisable CC monogram mark [on] her own clothing precisely because of the iconic status of the mark, with knowledge of its association with Chanel, in order to call to mind Chanel."

The website selling the stock is still offering the "Official Chanel X Ghostbusters" designs alongside products which parody / infringe the famous logos of brands including Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Dior. Whether any of these brands will take legal action remains to be seen. Chanel is seeking damages that amount to up to "three times the amount of actual damages sustained".