Karl Lagerfeld's feminist Chanel protest is explained

Karl Lagerfeld's feminist Chanel protest is explained

"I couldn't care less if people are for or against."

Rising model Gigi Hadid who walked the "runway" for Karl Lagerfeld's recent Spring/Summer 15 show in Paris has shed some light on the experience. Whilst the creative director explains the reasons behind the feminist protest theme...

Gigi Hadid has spoken out about her recent projecy with Chanel at Paris Fashion Week, sharing that the whole saga felt like "kind of out-of-body," experience. Saying: "The crew said, 'Yes, it's a fake protest, but you need to go into this realising that you're on the world stage. Everyone talks about the Chanel show, everyone is going to see it and we're really setting a protest for you guys – for what Karl sees in all of the amazing women that he works with.' That really inspired me... Everyone was kind of shy and didn't want to go out there yelling and screaming. We had to do a four-hour rehearsal because no one would actually yell, but once they gave us the pep talk, we were all so into it." 

The show certainly did capture the world's attention – a standard for the French fashion house and its theatrical creative director. Some have questioned whether a fashion show is the correct setting for a mock feminist protest, but unsurprisingly Mr. Lagerfeld is unphased by the criticism:

"My mother was very much a feminist and I thought it was something right for the moment," Lagerfeld told Fashionista, "I couldn't care less if people are for or against. It's my idea. I like the idea of feminism being something light-hearted, not a truck driver for the feminist movement." 

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