Chanel acquires an India-based embroidery atelier

Chanel acquires an India-based embroidery atelier

Preserving skilled artists within the industry

Image: Pambian Co News
Image: Stotkov

Chanel proves a considered approach, as it makes a move to preserve the art of skilled labour within the fashion industry...

Following the news that it is the most searched online brand in China, Chanel is taking a sep back from technology and has acquired a 70% stake in Jean-Francois Lesage SAS – a company that also owns the India-based embroidery atelier, Vastrakala, which was founded in 1999 and employs 174 embroiderers.

"This acquisition will enable Lesage and Vastrakala to successfully continue their long-standing cooperation based on a common passion, the art of hand embroidery," commented Bruno Pavlovsky, Chanel's fashion president.

Vastrakala promotes its artisanal work carefully, and its expert craftsmanship is seen on many luxury ready-to-wear and accessory lines, including Chanel. 

It is said that Karl Lagerfeld has wanted to help preserve the craftsmanship the 130-year-old Parisian, and Indian, embroidery businesses for many years – especially in an industry of mass-produced, made-in-China clothing... A touch ironic, considering his label's clear Internet-led success there.

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