Which girl are you? Chanel celebrates its new bag

Which girl are you? Chanel celebrates its new bag

Introducing the Girl Chanel bag

Chanel adds a new style to its handbag hall of fame, in the form of the Girl Chanel bag. Styled on the iconic Chanel jacket. Discover the new collection in Olivia Da Costa’s charming stop animation film here…

The Chanel tweed jacket is a mainstay of the French fashion maison, and it has become synonymous with elegance, luxury and style, as solidified by Karl Lagerfeld's declaration: "There are some things that will never go out of fashion: a pair of jeans, a white shirt and a Chanel jacket." 

Now, Lagerfeld celebrates this iconic design by transforming it into the Girl Chanel bag, a departure from the hugely popular Boy Chanel bag, and Chanel's newest addition into its handbag hall of fame.

Every detail is included in the bag design, cuffs, sleeves, buttons, pockets and a collar. It has a relaxed charm to it, designed to be knotted around the hips, shoulder or neck as desired. And photographer Olivia Da Costa, has created an equally charming stop-animation film to exhibit the ease and the range of the new Girl bag, from the Smart Girl, the Fit Girl to the Girly Girl, there is a style to suit every girl. Enjoy the delightful film below... 

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