Chanel is cited as the 'most searched' brand in China

Chanel is cited as the 'most searched' brand in China

Pushing Louis Vuitton to second place

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According to think tank L2’s China Digital IQ Index for 2014, Chanel has achieved number one status, along with Tommy Hilfiger and Coach

Jeweller Chow Tai Fook and Paris fashion house Louis Vuitton – along with American brands Tommy Hilfiger and Coach – have come top of a Chinese web-search survey that places Chanel with number one status.

It came in with a score of 12,745 – more than five times the average result. This number was enough to knock Louis Vuitton from the top spot, into second place, and Cartier made the top ten for the first time – pushing Gucci out.

Gucci was actually one of 13 brands with negative growth in daily searches in 2013.

China has a robust e-commerce market and an appetite for luxury goods – meaning that digital strategies are more important than ever.

Oscar de la Renta, Sergio Rossi and Emilio Pucci were all in the bottom five of 100 brands rated on the site. Oscar de la Renta, however, registered the fastest growth among those indexed, up 199 percent in daily searches...