Céline's \"new\" campaign for Autumn/Winter 14

Céline's "new" campaign for Autumn/Winter 14

Groundhog day

Image: Céline

Daria Werbowy and Juergen Teller have a tradition: every season they come together to work on the next advertising campaign for Céline. So for AW14 the French brand and model along with fashion's iconic photographer have come together again – and now in its sixth season, we aren't seeing much by way of change...

Consistancy in society has always been considered as a positive – when people always change their minds, or forget old traditions their friends, family and colleagues become suspicious. Now, for the sixth time Céline have employed duo Daria Werbowy and Juergen Teller its latest advertising campaign. Although we love both the model and photographer as well as a French brand, we still would like to see something new and the last SS14 advertising campaign, which in addition to starring Daria also featured Julia Nobis at least gave hope for it... But alas, here we are again at Céline campaign groundhog day.