Carven's pret-a-porter expands to the GCC

Carven's pret-a-porter expands to the GCC

Marka and Carven sign franchise agreement

Editor: Faizal Dahlawia

Marka has brought Carven, the Parisian-based fashion brand to the region in a series of exclusive retail rights

Carven, the 70-year-old fashion house is making its debut in Dubai. Marka, the retail and hospitality firm, has secured the operating rights to the Paris-based fashion brand in the region and the first stop is Dubai, specifically the City Walk in Jumeirah. This comes closely after Marka's  agreement to open French jewellery brand House of dinh van in Dubai.

"Carven is a dynamic brand with a cult following and this partnership signals an exciting addition to Marka's fashion portfolio," said Marka's Chief Executive Nick Peel. "It is ideally suited for the GCC consumer seeking a retail experience that is on par with the fashion capitals of the world, and we look forward to launching the brand in the UAE and the wider region."

Henri Sebaoun, CEO of Carven stated, "We are very pleased to appoint Marka and to bring Carven first to the UAE and then to the wider region, beginning with the Fall/Winter 2015 season for all men and women's lines."

Marka plans to have all seven stores operational by 2018.