Bloggers earn as much as $100,000 for social media posts

Bloggers earn as much as $100,000 for social media posts

A picture paints $1000

Bloggers no longer need to devote hours to wordy blog posts and intricate lay-outs on their websites, as they turn to social media to earn potentially huge sums from sponsors, for a simple Instagram post. Find out more...

The blogging landscape is changing dramatically, a few years ago the blogging revolution took place, seeing popular blogs with high levels of subscribers earning healthy sums from on-brand sponsorship posting. All that is changing, as social media takes over from blogs – and it's all about racking up those followers. 

Kayleen Schaefer, looked into the growing phenomenon for Harper's Bazaar, focussing on bloggers who are now making their money through social media instead of their websites. Schaefer takes 22-year-old style and beauty content creator, Danielle Bernstein, as her case study. Looking at how her 994,000 plus Instagram followers has enabled her to earn up to $15,000 per sponsored Instagram.

Schaefer also learns about the direct link between the number of followers and the potential sums that can be earned from sponsors. Speaking to Thomas Rankin, the co-founder and CEO of Dash Husdon, an app that allows you to purchase your favourite looks on Instagram, who breaks it down. According to Rankin, 100,000 followers can earn you between $500 to $5,000 per post, but 6 million followers or more can hike up a 'bloggers' rates to as much as $20,000 to $100,000 for each post. 

These juicy fees are a great incentive for young fashion and beauty enthusiasts with the right savvy, to start enterprising blogs and social media accounts of their own. But only those who manage to captivate the masses will earn the big bucks. 

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