Manolo Blahnik at New York fashion week

Manolo Blahnik at New York fashion week

Blahnik's second home

Image: Getty Images

Manolo Blahnik is one of the many new names added to the schedule at New York Fashion Week, his presentation will be held on February 9th at a gallery in Chelsea

The iconic shoe designer - Manolo Blahnik - hosted a presentation back in September 2013 at London Fashion Week and felt it was necessary to cross the pond and visit America for his next presentation. Blahnik told WWD, "I want to share in detail how my mind and imagination work and where I get my inspiration from." For Blahnik, New York holds a special place in his heart, "New York is a very exciting city and I have a special sentiment towards it since it was the first place to make my shoes available to women outside of London." 

Manolo Blanik New York Fashion week