Blake Lively speaks about Gucci's 'Chime for Change'

Blake Lively speaks about Gucci's 'Chime for Change'

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With her intense passion for shedding a brighter light on the oppression of women and girls, Blake Lively is proving to be quite an inspiration

Following a beautiful appearance on the Met Gala red carpet this week, Blake Lively has discussed her part in the Gucci initiative, 'Chime for Change'.

The Gossip Girl actress is using her celebrity status to endorese the campaign to help improve the lives of women and girls worldwide. The charity was founded in 2013 when Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini, Salma Hayek Pinault and Beyoncé joined forces for a media drive that would "make a real change happen" in the areas of health, education and justice.

The determination of those three women, along with Gucci's long history of bridging fashion and philanthropy, struck a cord with Lively. And so the Gucci Premiere spokesmodel was in awe of how Giannini forewent the usual gala or dinner where proceeds would be raised for donation and instead opted for an "incredible launch pad" with the Chime for Change concert...

"It was an event that grabbed a lot of attention, but what was the most moving thing to me was that the people sharing the stage were women who had made a difference in their country and didn't have the platform you do as an actor, musician or celebrity," Lively said this week, continuing, "these women had gone against all odds and changed the world. So, to be in their company and be inspired by that was a very exciting intro."

She added, "And it's not just one organisation where they're collecting all this money. You get to become personally invested with those who are on the ground doing the work – you don't get to see that when it's a bigger company."

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