Bill Cunningham explains what's wrong with today's fashion industry

Bill Cunningham explains what's wrong with today's fashion industry

What would Bill do?

Legendary fashion and street style photographer Bill Cunningham has recently expressed his feelings about the current state of the fashion industry, saying that it needs to realise that younger audiences are becoming more interested in simple clothes

Kicking off New York Fashion Week, speaking to Fern Mallis for her 'Fashion Icons' series at 92Y, Bill Cunningham opened up about the status of the fashion industry stating, "The reality is you have the whole country electronically connected. They're educating the insides of their heads, as they should, and not dressing the outside with a fancy hat or a dress. Simple clothes, that's key, and I think that's what the fashion world should really think about."

Cunningham himself does not own a smartphone, but he is very knowledgeable about the current tech industry and its rapid expansion. "Look at the lines waiting to get into that Apple store on 5th Avenue!" he said, adding, "Do you see a line waiting to get into Bergdorfs or Saks? The future belongs to this generation and the high-tech world is it!"

Finishing off the conversation, the famed photographer then went on to talk about how there are far too many new brands showing at fashion weeks, and how celebrity and red carpet culture has ruined fashion, as people praise garish, bold pieces instead of delicate, well-constructed garments. "That's what American fashion does best!" he expressed. "The honesty of clothes  that's what we've got to get back! That's what made America great, and what made the fashion world great."