Beyoncé had a great year, but Time Magazine have other ideas...

Beyoncé had a great year, but Time Magazine have other ideas...

The hoax setting the Internet alight

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An image of Queen Bey on the cover of Time Magazine with the words 'Person of the Year' flanking her perfectly formed forehead has gone viral, but it isn't what you think...

No, Beyoncé is not Time Magazine's person of the year. Despite becoming the most Grammy-nominated female artist in history earlier this week, and meeting British royalty a few days ago – not to mention her achievements in the other 51 weeks of 2014. 

The cover (pictured above) is in fact a hoax, that set the Internet alight yesterday – leading many to believe that Mrs. Carter had receieved Time's prestigious person of the year award. Thousands of Beyoncé's fans took to social media to post the image, claiming that their queen had receieved the coveted accolade.

In fact, it was reported on Today on Wednesday, that the title has gone to those fighting against the spread of the deadly Ebola virus. And despite a rather epic year, Beyoncé wasn't even featured in Time's shortlist for the award – which included Vladimir Putin, Ebola doctors, Ferguson protestors, Alibaba CEO Jack Ma, Apple CEO Tim Cook, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Iraqi Kurdish president Masoud Barzani, and the only celebrity to make the cut was actually Taylor Swift. 

And another key element that instantly shows the cover is a hoax? The magazine recently published an article suggesting that the word "feminist" should be banned in 2015 in its 'word banishment poll'.

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