Ben Stiller talks about the Zoolander Valentino runway appearance

Ben Stiller talks about the Zoolander Valentino runway appearance

And the decision to bring back Derek Zoolander

Ben Stiller opened up to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show about the infamous Derek Zealander and Hansel appearances on the Valentino runway in Paris, and answered questions about the return of the popular model characters in the sequel – Zoolander 2...

Ben Stiller opened up to talk show host, Jimmy Fallon, about the infamous Paris Fashion Week (PFW) appearance of Derek Zoolander and Hansel, and spoke about the decision to make a sequal to the cult hit, Zoolander. 

Stiller took a characteristically humorous approach to answering Fallon's line of questioning about the PFW appearance of the famous model characters, insisting that they are "still ridiculously good looking." When asked if the other models at the Valentino show went crazy for the stunt he retorted that "most of them weren't born when the original came out."

Stiller joked that no one went to see the original movie when it was first released 15 years ago, so now seemed like the perfect time to make a sequel. The self-deprecating comedian is being a touch modest we suspect. Zoolander has reached cult status since it was first released and we predict Zoolander 2 fever will hit fans in a big way when the newly hyped film hits screens. Watch the clip below to hear Stiller's take on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

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