David Beckham's shoppable Super Bowl with H&M

David Beckham's shoppable Super Bowl with H&M

Buy the Bodywear range directly from your TV

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Football legend and icon of our time, David Beckham, to star in a shoppable TV commercial at this year's Super Bowl

The Super Bowl commercial slots are notoriously expensive for good reason - they are seen by more than 111 million viewers throughout the world. Last year, a 30 second slot for the Super Bowl XLVII advertisements cost around $4 million. It has also become a bit of a legend - with people tuning into the Super Bowl purely to catch the advertisments.

Last year H&M were notably absent from the sought-after promotional time slots, but this year they are back in a big way. On Sunday the high-street giant announced that David Beckham will debut 9 new styles from the David Beckham Bodywear collection - a fashion line he has collaborated with H&M on since back in 2012.

In a pioneering move, the ad will also feature technology from the e-commerce firm Delivery Agent which, will allow viewers with Samsung smart TVs to discover details about Beckham's products as well as enable them to purchase the items directly through their television screens.

"We're thrilled to be back in action at the Super Bowl, showcasing our new campaign," H&M North America president Daniel Kulle said in a statement. "We're bringing our A-game, the world's top style icon and the best quality bodywear to the largest stage in the world."

This will mark Beckham's second Super Bowl ad for H&M, he also appeared in a commercial for them back in 2012. Kick off for the NFL's Super Bowl starts in 4 days time.


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