First look: Baz Luhrmann's Barneys holiday window

First look: Baz Luhrmann's Barneys holiday window

'The Great Gatsby' director to deck the halls

The famous filmmaker and his costume designer wife Catherine Martin have teamed up with one of the biggest department stores in the world to create the 'Baz Dazzled Holiday' winter campaign

On Thursday, Barney's department store in Manhattan will unveil its special 2014 holiday window display by Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin – a couple who are known for their wildly ambitious creations in the film and fashion industry.

"Whenever we do a creative project, it comes from the first question for us, which is, 'How can it enrich our own journey, in our life?'" Luhrmann said to WWD of the new festive collaboration. "We love New York City. It's our adopted home. It's been a great place for us and our children. I won't start quoting Fitzgerald but all the magic and possibility that the city holds – for us, part of that was Barneys."

Unlike the past static installations the New York shopping institution will showcase active performances this holiday season, as skaters are expected to twirl on ice and famed contortionist and dancer, Elphresh, will break out moves similar to breakdancing. With the Madison Avenue store's campaign slogan as 'A Life Lived in Fear is a Life Half Lived', the fantasy-like 'Queen of the Night' and the 'Queen of the Light' will be making visits – during weekend hours – to the second floor balcony to sing holiday jingles atop a magnificent gold structure, featuring stars, woodland creatures, snow owls and large festive candy cones.  

"What I hope the audience gets is what Barneys stands for and for us, it's a place that takes tradition, but turns it on its head. It's edgy but it's also not alienating," Luhrmann said.