Barneys New York celebrates Dries Van Noten's 'Inspirations'

Barneys New York celebrates Dries Van Noten's 'Inspirations'

With botanical fantasy themed window displays

Image: WWD

This season, Barneys celebrates Dries Van Noten's 'Inspirations' exhibition with window displays at its New York store

Currently showing at Paris' Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Dries Van Noten's latest exhibition 'Dries Van Noten: Inspirations', provides a beautiful glimpse into the designer's mind with breathtaking visuals provided by paintings, videos, textiles and photographs.

Now, Barneys New York, a sponsor of the exhibition, is capturing a similar essence to the Parisian showcase with window displays at its Madison Avenue store.

Unveiled over the weekend, the new window displays were created in a collaboration between Van Noten and artist, filmmaker and photographer Andrew Zuckerman - as well as Barneys creative director Dennis Freedman.

This is not the first time for Van Noten and Zuckerman to have crossed paths as Van Noten had initially considered Zuckerman's work for his Paris show. "We really wanted to do something about gardens because I am addicted to gardening," the designer said, "A photographer I worked with knew Andrew's work. In the end, it was not the thing we looked for in this exhibition, but I still really loved his work. When Barneys asked me to do the window, I thought, I know the person to do it with." 

The windows pick up on a variety of themes from the exhibition, including butterflies, feathers and flowers, which are each set in a tranquil Japanese rock garden. The exhibition also features four short films Zuckerman created based on aspects of nature called CycleEmergenceFlight and Variance, featuring flowers blooming and decaying, the life-cycle of a butterfly, and birds expanding their wings before taking off into flight.

"The natural world is what inspires me most and I think maybe that's why Dries was interested in me trying this with him. He seems to work in a space that is unique to him, a journey that is rooted in a true curiosity," Zuckerman said.

The mix of Zuckerman's short films with the designer's pieces - many of which are archival, shine a  light on Barneys innovative exterior display as well as a creative insight into Van Noten's world.

The new window spectacles are also a celebration of Van Noten's 27-year partnership with the famed department store, which was the first to carry the designer in America. 

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